Seven reasons on why WordPress is important

Have you ever been asked yourself why WordPress is important? WordPress blogging system is most well known since 2003. It is the number one on the world of blog publishing. WordPress is the most powerful tool to publish your blog posts as well.

What is the seven reasons on why WordPress is important?

why WordPress is important

WordPress always free

WordPress is free of charge so you do not have to pay fees. It is good idea to start your blog for free. It is free to download from the official website. You don’t have to pay to use this blogging system as I have mentioned above.

Easy to manage

you can easy manage your WordPress blog via dashboard like Posts, pages, comments, categories and so on. The back end is so very flixble and well manage. You dont need a long time to learn about and organized by taps.

Search Engine Optimization friendly

google and most search engines prefer this blogging platform. It is easy to get index and receive traffic. Have your blog ready on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and gain visitors.

Mobile ready

Most people now prefer the full website mobile ready. The back end of WordPress is mobile friendly as well as the default themes. All WordPress themes nowadays are mobile friendly and responsive design.

Flexible to customize

you can customize your WordPress blog by designing a unique theme. All you need is HTML, CSS, and PHP to make a theme. You can hire a web developer if you need a custom theme design. Also, there is a big amount of premium themes in the market.

Big community

WordPress is been used for a huge amount of users around the world. There are a lot of websites that talking about WordPress issues.

Huge support

WordPress has a good support in their official website. they have support forum so you will find all you need about using it. Simply search on the internet and you will find tons of websites talking about the WordPress topics.


WordPress is the important blogging system for your wiriting. Now, you know a few features of this type of blog platform. there is any other reason to use WordPress? Please, don’t hesitate to add a comment here.

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