Search engine optimization techniques beginners tips

Search engine optimization or SEO, you have heard about it and will explain the search engine optimization techniques beginners tips. So, I will go over with the search engine optimization tips and tricks in this article. As a beginner to search engine optimization “SEO”, you need to understand these techniques. Therefore,  follow step by step to rank your website in the first page of search engines.

Search engine optimization techniques beginners tips and tricks

In the past article I covered 8 SEO optimization tools should be used. So, you can go over search engine optimization techniques beginners hints.

search engine optimization techniques beginners

1. Optimize your page title

Optimizing you page title is the first SEO step to do for the beginning. So, it is important component for your on page optimization. So, each page of your website needs to have a unique page title that accurately describes the page’s content. Therefore, do not repeat of each page title for all pages otherwise you will loose your page rank.

2. Use the meta description

Use the meta description is the second step to do the search engine optimization on your pages. So, adding the focus keywords to your meta description is very important. Tr to Keep the size of your meta description between 140-150 characters. That is what you are telling the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing what is the page is about. Moreover, do not repeat the title in the meta description because it will be kind of spamming the system.

3. Add the internal links

Adding the internal links between your pages is so essential for your page rank. Thus, try to add Link related articles together either by using keyword anchor text or by using the full article title. In addition, avoid to use “read more”, “for more information” and so on in the anchor text for the internal linking.

4.Use The heading and sub headings

There are 6 headings in the web design “from H1 to H6”. So, use the H1 for the title of the web page or article. Using the heading and sub heading makes you web pages adjusted and well optimized. Moreover, it tells the search engines which the part of the article is very important.

5. Add a site map

one of the SEO techniques is adding the site map to your website. If you use WordPress, there are several plugins to generate the site map automatically. Otherwise, there is some websites which you can generate your site map for free. Also, this article might help you to generate the site map.

6. Backlinks building

Backlinks building is very important to your website and is good for the SEO of the main keywords you use. Increase your link building organically so you will not be punished by the search engines. Do not add so much links to your website and do not try to purchase the back links from any website. Therefore, add the high authority backlinks from websites such as YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the other social medias. Not the social media is just the high authority websites, there are some examples such as Yellow Pages, local business directories and so on.

7. Mobile friendly design

Using the mobile friendly design is very important for both the readers and the search engines. Google and the majority of search engines prefer the responsive design. Moreover, they push the website to the better rank. If you use any CMS, try to design or buy a responsive theme. In fact, the most themes now are mobile friendly.

As a result

This is the search engine optimization techniques beginners tips and tricks. So better SEO is better chance to get the higher rank from the search engines. If you have an additional information, please do not hesitate to comment here.

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