Monetize blog, making money from your blog

So, you started a new blog and you want to move to monetize blog. The question is: how can I make money from my blog? A lot of bloggers ask this kind of question. There are a lot of ways that you can make money from blogging.

Monetize blog

Ways to monetize blog

First of all, you need a good content. Therefore, as google said:

Content is king!

This is the best way to monetize your blog. The money will come after you create a good and unique content. So let us move to the next phase which is how to make money from your blog.

Publishing advertisements

One of the ways of making money from your blog is publishing advertisements through your content. There are a lot of websites which provide an ad publishing such as Google Adsense. Due to the fact that, this service is used by the majority of website managers.

Join the affiliate program

You can also join the affiliate program and make money from your website visitors. By driving traffic to your content and promote products is one of the ways of monetize blog. There is a lot of examples of websites that provide an affiliate program:


Selling on your blog

One of the making money methods is selling products on your blog. So, try to make an e-book and sell it on your blog. if you have a digital or physical product your blog is the way to sell them on. Promote your own work  or product is one of the purposes to have a blog.

Blog investment

Search about someone to invest a budget on your blog if you have a good content. So, find a company that interested on your niche and ask them to sponsor your blog. As a result, you will move your blog to the next level.


There are a lot of ways that you can make money form your blog as I mentioned above. Publishing advertisements, affiliate program, selling on your blog and blog investment are some examples. Therefore, these are not only the ways of making money from a blog. Be creative and try to find another ways to monetize your blog.

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