WordPress protection lessons learned

What I have learned from WordPress protection?

If you think about establishing a new website using WordPress, you need to know about the WordPress protection. WordPress protection is very important because hackers could make a serious damage of your website and business.I will explain how many lessons that I have learned from WordPress protection.

wordpress protection

Get rid from the malware

It is very important that protecting your website from malware. Do you know that malware could lose you search engines trust? Therefore, your website should be away of these bugs. The malware could down your website reputation.

protect your website from attackers

Due to the fact that WordPress website could act well if you protect it. I tried to secure my WordPress as much as I can. In the past time, I did a lot of mistakes due to not secured my website. Then, I changed the admin url to something else.

Give a trust to your business

Your business is your life, so you do not want to lose your clients because of not being secured. It good to offer a secured gateway to your business to drive more sales. This is what I have done with one of my clients. The best service is SiteLock and it is worth to purchase.

password protection

Giving a strong password

It is essential way to prevent my website from the hackers by giving my WordPress website a strong password. It is highly recommended and it is very effective in order to make your website protected. Your website then will be like fire wall from the attackers.

At the end

Don’t let your website to be a victim of the hackers. Try to secure your WordPress website or blog as much as you can. This is what I have reached after doing tons of mistakes before.

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