8 SEO optimization tools should be used

Every blog manager should have SEO optimization tools to optimize the posts. Search Engine Optimization is the most essential part of your website. Therefore, you need to find the right keyword for your article as well. Without these tools, you cannot prepare your articles for the search engines.

8 SEO optimization tools for your blog

In this article, I will list of free 10 Search Engine Optimization tools you can use the for free of charge.

SEO optimization tools

Answer The Public

It is a visual search tool for keywords and combines Google Auto Suggest Scraping with a question scraper and gives you easy access to the questions your customers ask on Google. Therefore, it helps you to develop your content topics and find keywords.

Uber Suggest

Use this tool to search for keywords that do not exist in Google’s keyword map. They have a search tool used as a tool to suggest topics that you can type in the search. So, it is one of optimization tool that you can use for free.

Google Analytics

Google Keyword Planner

Google offers the keyword research for your advertisements. However, you can use this tool to get keyword suggestions related to your term. A lot of web developers know this tool and it is been used world wide.

Google Search Console

One of the keyword analyzer is Google Search Console. It is a free tool that you can track your search terms on your blog. I think that you know this tool and you are familiar with. It helps you monitor and track the status of your site and its presence in the Internet, Moreover, it determines whether or not you have duplicate meta data.

The Reddit Keyword Research Tool

This tool allows you to extract keywords from a Subredit community by typing the name of the sub-community. Selecting one from the list that the website generates automatically. Then, extract the keywords from the sub-community.

LSI Graph

It is a generator of the indexed keywords associated with the target keyword for the content creation task. Moreover, the keywords that been generated are associated with a keyword you want to search about. In short, this tool helps you find key words related to your keyword.

Bloomberry – Question Analyzer

Is a free tool of BuzzSumo, also known as Question Analyzer which makes it easy to search through popular forums such as Reddit, Qura, Amazon, and its predecessor. Therefore, it helps you find keywords related to your content and looks at customer questions on the Internet.

Carrot2 Search Engine

It is an open source tool for aggregating search results that helps you to organize your search results into objective rankings. So, it gives you a quick overview and provide you with a more efficient review. Which is also an appropriate as a tool for researching and selecting topics.

In Brief

As a conclusion, you need a certain amount of SEO optimization tools that help you finding a ideal keyword for your blog posts. These are some examples of tools which you need to optimize your blog. If you have an additional tool, please give me a comment.


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